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Road Ranger pick-up, premium quality hardtops fitting perfectly to Ford Ranger, Isuzu Rodeo, Nissan Navara D40, Nissan NP300, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok pick-up trucks. Hardtops (Canopies) available to suit double, extra and single cab models.

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Road Ranger are specialists in equipment for pickup trucks. Road Ranger have been developing system solutions since 1985. Road Ranger products (hardtops/canopies) reach a high standard of quality because they incorporate first-class materials and are geared to the specific needs of their users.

Whether you want an elegant or sporty looking hardtop, or if you are mainly interested in a hardtop for commercial use, one of our Road Ranger Hardtops will provide you with the right solution for your application. In harmony with the design of the pick up vehicle, individual hardtop models in various roof heights are produced, with the focus on a high level of functionality in use and assembly.

Road Ranger hardtops are extremely sturdy because they are made of high-quality composite material (glass fibre reinforced plastic), which permits roof loads of up to 45 kg without the need for additional reinforcement. The smooth, UV-resistant surface is available as an option in a multi-coat paintwork finish.

Road Ranger Hardtops and Accessories, are subjected to rigorous testing and are approved by the TÜV technical inspectorate, and are also ABE-certified. The current Road Ranger hardtop programme is supplied with ABE certification. The accessory products offered in addition to the hardtop range are carefully selected and tested.

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In 1998 Road Ranger started to compete in international FIA cross-country races with their own pick up racing team. The pick up racing vehicles were built to meet the requirements of the strict FIA rules. The Road Ranger products used are subjected to a severe endurance test which places the emphasis on material strength and functionality. PickUp Racing Team Site

As the optimal addition to your pickup equipment we supply the most important accessories for loading area enhancement. Many further pickup accessories will complete the equipment of your vehicle according to your own specific requirements. As an optimal supplement we offer the specially developed Road Ranger loading space programme.


View Road Ranger hardtops for your vehicle:

FORD RANGER PICK UP HARDTOPS: Sportline Ung. HardtopSportline HardtopRH2 Ung. HardtopRH2 HardtopFord Ranger RH2 Pro S2
NISSAN NAVARA PICK UP HARDTOPS: Nissan Navara D40 RH2 UnglazedNissan Navara D40 RH2 GlazedNissan Navara D40 RH2 Pro. S2
MITSUBISHI L200 PICK UP HARDTOPS:Mitsubishi L200 RH2 UnglazedMitsubishi L200 RH2 GlazedMitsubishi L200 RH2 Professional
MITSUBISHI L200 LONG BED PICK UP HARDTOPS:Mitsubishi L200 RH3 UnglazedMitsubishi L200 RH3 GlazedMitsubishi L200 RH3 Professional
TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP HARDTOPS:Toyota Hilux RH2 UnglazedToyota Hilux RH2 GlazedToyota Hilux RH2 Professional
ISUZU RODEO PICKUP HARDTOPS:Isuzu D-Max RH2 UnglazedIsuzu D-Max RH2 GlazedIsuzu D-Max RH2 Professional
VW AMAROK PICKUP HARDTOPS:VW Amarok Bac Pac RangeVW Amarok RH3 UnglazedVW Amarok RH3 GlazedVW Amarok RH3 Pro. S2


Road Ranger Hardtops are made from GFK laminated plastic and therefore are exceptionally rugged. This permits the transport of roof-loads of up to 45 kg without any additional reinforcements. The smooth, UV-resistant surface is optionally available with multicoat painting.

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Taking into account your vehicle's design Road Ranger configure individual models with various roof heights, with particular emphasis being put on functionality with regard to use and assembly.

For example our Road Ranger RH2 hardtop is available in 4 different versions, and indiviually design to suit each inparticular pick up truck. The Road Ranger RH2 hardtops are manufactured by epoxy lamination process with multi-layer glass fibre mats. The UV resistant surface consists of a hard wearing robust gel-coat. The laquer build-up is performed according to the latest findings in the field of surface treatment and European prescriptions.

What ever you are looking for, be it an elegant or sporty looking pick-up hardtop or a commercial-purpose pick-up hardtop, we always have an ideal solution for your requirements at hand.